Monday, October 25, 2010

Chickens and Goats

There are chickens and goats everywhere in Togo!

Shane has had some new experiences this last week. Apparently Togo has some pretty awesome drummers. The only problem, is that the drums are part of voodoo rituals. SCARY!

Shane was walking down the only paved road (actually cobblestone) and a guy in a car was staring him down and wasn't paying attention to the road, and ran into a power pole. Oops.

He has experienced a lockdown on his missions. Togo has this thing called "Dead Togo". The people go on strike, and those that were riding motorcycles, or driving their cars, or if they were white, the people on strike would take the liberty of sending them to the hospital. Not a pleasant experience. So, he was able to stay inside his apartment all day and do lots of studying.

The weather is changing there. It's the start of the hot, dry season. Completely opposite of what he's used to, but he's loving it.

He's been able to exercise the power of the Priesthood by giving a couple of blessings. He didn't quite understand what they were for because the language is still a struggle, but the spirit was very strong, and he knew the people receiving them could feel it too. Him and his companion have more baptisms scheduled for the 30th, that makes 6 total! He was also able to teach an investigator in English! Eva is from Ghana, and only speaks english, and has a member brother in the states. She feels like she needs to be spreading God's word, so pray for her and for Shane and his companion.

Continue praying for Shane, and the people. The church is true!

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  1. That sounds pretty scary about the lockdowns. but i know shane is doing awesome job. We pray for him every night. That is so aweswome with all those baptisms.It makes you grateful for everyday. love ya shane