Saturday, October 16, 2010

Interesting Happenings in Togo

Shane was able to assist in some baptisms there already, and the people there don't know what to think about the immersion part. Most of the people there have never been fully immersed in water so it's a new scary thing for them. And, it's probably the only time they will be fully under water. And there are 5 more scheduled baptisms on Oct 30th!

There is no drainage system in the roads where he is, so when they get rain like they have been, it just floods in the streets. The Elders have to carry about flip flops with them so they can hurry and change so they don't get their shoes wet. Sometimes they will have to make detours as much as 3 blocks away to get to their destinations because of the lakes in the streets.

In Togo, the women carry everything on their heads. He even saw one lady carrying a sofa on her head! INSANE huh! The taxis there are motorcycles, and one day, he saw a lady get on one of those taxis motorcycles with a big bowl of something on her head, and a baby strapped to her back!
This isn't a picture from Shane, but it gives you an idea of what he sees all the time.

Elder Shane actually saw a UTA bus on the one paved road in the whole country. Crazy huh! He's picking up the language a little bit better. It's still a struggle for him, but it's coming none the less. Keep praying for him and the people. The gospel is true.

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