Friday, October 1, 2010

Shane's MTC songs

Here are a couple videos of Shane and some other Elders in his district singing some songs that they learned while in the MTC. Thanks to Elder Howden for sending them to us. There will hopefully be another one coming soon. It took too long to upload, but hopefully we'll get it soon.

Singing "Bonjour"

"Amazing Grace"

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  1. Hi this is Katrina Lewis, or Kathi, Elder Lewis' Mom. Thanks so much for sending the info on Shane's blog! We have watched those two videos over and over again tonight and can't stop laughing at the antics of our son/big brother! It is wonderful to see what great friendships these young men have formed and I know it is a support network that will uplift them all, especially our two sons serving in Abidjan. I think they both look forward to the day they can once again be companions!