Monday, November 8, 2010

Transfer Calls

Transfer calls came in last week, but Elder Shane is staying in his same area. His companion, Elder Kouhe however got transfered to Benin. His new companion is Elder Andon from Cote d'Ivoire. Thanks Elder Kouhe for helping Shane, and being a good companion and trainer.

The language is still coming. He understand most of what is being said, but speaking is a different story and he still has a lot to learn.

Eva's baptism got moved up to the 13th of November. So keep praying for her.

Halloween is not a holiday that is celebrated there, but Elder Shane still celebrated with Elder Zufelt (his district leader). They ate all the candy that was in the apartment, had some cheap cookies and some youpi choco candies (which he says are really good).

Elder Shane and his companion are teaching a family, and while at their second appointment, a lady came and started yelling at them. The spirit was lost, and the lesson was a flop. Apparently, the lady was the investigator's sister, and she was trying to kill him through voodoo so she and her other sisters could have his inheritance. CRAZY! But, the Elders were able to give him a blessing, so hopefully everything will be ok.

Continue to pray for Shane, his companion, and the people. This gospel is true!

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