Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Interesting Week

Elder Shane had a really interesting last week, for a couple of reasons too. One, his new companion, Elder Andon, was supposed to arrive on Tuesday, but he didn't come til Thursday. So Shane spent two days companionless. He spent the time with the district leader Elder Zufelt and his companion. Which that leads into another reason for the interesting week. I'll let him tell you why... We went to this one house that totally reminded me of pirates of the carribean. you know the one crazy lady that lives in the swamp house thing and no one can understand? ya this house was like that. well not so much because the person was crazy but because their house is completely surrounded by water! it was way cool.

His new companion is great. He's really patient with Shane because of his inability to speak very well in French, but they seem to get along just fine. It was a struggle to introduce him to everyone and to show him the area. But that made Shane more appreciative of the all the different leadership positions in the mission field.

Another interesting thing that happened this week, was that they got a call from the referral missionary in Provo! He was working with an investigator from Nigeria that was in Togo. So Shane and his companion were able to set up an appointment with him.

Shane was able to listen to a session of General Conference thanks to a couple who recorded it. It was only the audio, but he was very appreciative of what he had. Besides, they don't have a tv so the video part would have been pointless anyway. :)

And finally, Elder Andon forgot that he had something cooking on their handy dandy camp stove in the kitchen, and it caught fire. No harm came from it, just a really smokey apartment for a couple of hours.

Remember to keep Shane in your prayers. The gospel is true!

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