Monday, January 10, 2011

Saratoga Springs

Straight from his mouth:
This week has been a super long one. I know how my companion feels though being a fresh missionary and having to try and teach a new companion the area. It is not an easy task. He is a champ though and is doing well with it. Elder Stratton is gonna be a great missionary. On tuesday we were able to go to a soup kitchen here and give some service. It was good to be able to do that. apparantly elders have been going there forever to do it. The ward members here really help out alot, since we dont have a car, we have to rely on the members for rides a lot. Saturday morning we woke up to about 11 inches of snow. and it is supposed to start snowing here again this week too. Saturday was the baptism for sister Larney-Marcus. she was the lady Elder Stratton had been teaching before. It was a really nice service. my area is including the town of Balston spa, wilton, Malta, Milton, and a bunch of other surrounding places. It really is gorgeous here, just frigid cold. No new Investigators to mention, but hopefully there will be soon. Love you all tons and tons. Thank you for the love and support
Elder Shane Kitchen

Remember to keep Elder Shane in your prayers. The church is true!

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  1. Elder Shane Kitchen,
    we love ya and keep on doing your best and in what you are doing. you are awesome and things will get better. I bet serving in the soup kitchen was a wonderful experience and sounds like fun. That is awesome that the missionaries get to do that.