Monday, December 27, 2010

Fishermen vs. Hunters

Elder Shane was able to spend Christmas at some members' homes, and even though was away from his own, it helped him see more fully the true meaning and spirit of Christmas.

The first two weeks in Africa were very difficult for Elder Shane, but these first two in New York were even more trying. But Shane's learned to trust in the Lord and engulf his mind in His work. Shane will be transferring to a different area this week, so we'll find out next week where he'll be.

Shane's mission president gave him a little analogy: he said that in Africa i was a fisherman. throwing out the nests and bringing in tons of fish. Here in New York  i will be more of a hunter. The deer dont come around nearly as much, (unless of course you are lynn) but when they do come they are super rewarding. So i better get out there and start some pushes! actually a hunt is a really good way to explain what is going on i think. most always are they frustrating, and tiring. but they are for sure always rewarding.

Continue to keep Elder Shane in your prayers. Thanks for all the support that you give him. The church is true!

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